[English Blog] Case study | Mách việc may gần nhà

[English Blog] Case study | Mách việc may gần nhà

On the path to achieving the goal of connecting 43 million blue-collar job seekers, Viec Lam Tot advanced to the next level of enhancing brand recall and alleviating the awareness-to-trial funnel among job seekers, specifically in the manufacturing sector. In response to the expectation, Viec Lam Tot developed a strategic arrow to increase its brand's visibility among job seekers and lead on the manufacturing sector.

Viec Lam Tot identified the most promising opportunity to win over the job-seeking populace in manufacturing by focusing on the garment industry due to its highest labor intensity and low entry barrier for workers with skills. Moreover, Viec Lam Tot confidently led the garment recruitment market, as its market share was 38% in Ho Chi Minh city. Utilizing the platform's strengths, Viec Lam Tot chose Ho Chi Minh city as its "must-win battleground" in order to eventually scale up, dominate the garment industry, and expand the blue-collar community.


We discovered that garment workers have a preference for nearby employment opportunities and prefer to find employment near their home or, at the very least, in the adjacent neighborhood. They fear a long commute to work due to a severe traffic jam, inclement weather, and street flooding, and still rely on traditional methods like referrals from friends and family to find employment.

Much to their fear of long time spent commuting, the garment workers otherwise prefer spending the majority of their time on social media for job hunting, entertainment, and shopping, and that they enjoy drama content, TV soap opera/serial clips, and online gossip. Furthermore, we also found out that garment workers enjoy short videos on Tiktok and other platforms because they use them as a stress reliever and time filler during lunch breaks and after a long day of work.

Viec Lam Tot intended to leverage awareness and attract the attention of workers by assisting garment job seekers in locating employment opportunities near their homes using the mapping feature. On content development, Viec Lam Tot planned to use their everyday slang and drama to converse with them and persuade them to join and search for jobs near their homes on vieclamtot.com.‍


To achieve the vision of creating a community discussing discovering nearby garment jobs on Viec Lam Tot, the brand needed to cover every local touchpoint with content tailored to their preferences in drama.

With the key message "Mách 15.889 việc may gần nhà bạn" ("How to get garment jobs in your area?") and CTA "Bước cái là tới, ới cái là đi làm luôn" ("One step away to get a garment job"), Viec Lam Tot initiated with the melodrama series "Bát nghiệp nhân gian" ("The eight inevitable karmas") as the key creative to engage with the garment workers. The series followed the protagonists, two female renters desperately trying to find garment-related employment on their journey from their rural hometown to the city. Eventually, Viec Lam Tot emerges as the savior, connecting them to nearby garment jobs and easing their agonizing job search.

Short series "Bát nghiệp nhân gian"

The series was written with colloquial language and everyday drama to match with the workers daily habits. Overarching the key message “Get 15.889 garment jobs on Việc Làm Tốt", we collaborated with 40 influencers who represent key consumer categories and have significant fan bases to reach garment workers. Influencers could utilize their personalities to encourage their audience, which is primarily blue-collar workers, to seek out garment jobs on Viec Lam Tot.

Moreover, in order to identify and convince actual garment employees to find employment on Viec Lam Tot, it is necessary to screen and convert quality audiences. On the digital platform, we targeted individuals who were likely to seek employment in the apparel industry with 15-second videos to spread and sustain the brand's messages. In the videos, we used sounds from a fruit cart in the market and a parody karaoke song to say the key message, both of which are things that garment workers might see or hear every day.

We also created offline touchpoints to penetrate garment worker communities, such as rooms for rent near industrial parks, clothing/textile industry companies, and streets/alleys densely populated with local garment workers. By emphasizing the disadvantages of a long commute to work in OOH and activation creative, such as traffic congestion and street flooding, we communicated a singular message: get garment jobs on Viec Lam Tot.

Eventually, the key message “Get 15.889 garment jobs on Việc Làm Tốt” reached the garment workers in all the creative forms and contents of which they preferred. This helped the key message become a part of their everyday lives, and made it easier for them to remember.


An omnichannel approach was used to engage the target demographic with different creative tactics across all touchpoints, from social media feeds to daily commutes. Viec Lam Tot separated the plan into the big boom and the conversion.

During the big boom, Viec Lam Tot spread the brand's message to garment workers. This phase used distinctive social media content to attract target demographics to Viec Lam Tot. Viec Lam Tot employed mobile-friendly vertical video and the 10-episode "The Eight Inevitable Karmas" melodrama series to boost brand awareness on social media. To fit garment workers' hectic schedules and optimize watch-through rate, each episode was under 2 minutes. Each episode was under 2 minutes to accommodate garment employees' tight timetables and maximize the watch-through rate on TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Facebook Reels. Viec Lam Tot also worked with 40 influencers to generate content and leverage the brand message. To increase brand recognition, Viec Lam Tot used digital remarketing on internal and external channels. In this phase, Viec Lam Tot's brand image, creatives, and key message were rapidly and widely promoted to reach new and existing users.

In the Conversion phase, Viec Lam Tot converted the suitable garment workers, maintained brand awareness, and connected more blue-collar job seekers with garment jobs. It was necessary for the creatives to specialize in garment laborers and for the approach to permeate their daily routines. To effectively engage with garment workers, Viec Lam Tot collaborated with company leaders, landlords, and grocery store owners to display OOH and generate brand activation. Thus, Viec Lam Tot followed employees from the workplace to their homes and the stores where they purchased daily necessities. This was done to maintain brand recognition on every stage of the garment workers' journey and to convey the message that they can get a garment job as near as everywhere around them. Viec Lam Tot used offline materials to retarget garment workers online, leveraging the message and increasing touchpoints.

In addition, we created 15-second videos on Facebook and YouTube with the singular message “Get 15.889 garment jobs on Viec Lam Tot". We made these videos by putting in things that the workers might experience every day, like the loud noise of the market or singing karaoke after work. For example, we transited advertising/OOH via street fruit carts to spread the word from Viec Lam Tot. We also made a parody song for the workers to sing about getting jobs on Viec Lam Tot. On TikTok, we collaborated with the two protagonists of the series to create two special sequels in an effort to persuade and enroll a large number of job seekers on Viec Lam Tot.


The campaign was successful on social media as well. There were 130 million video views across all channels (TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook). With a total of 700,000 social interactions, 3,900 mentions, and 4,000 social shares, other social metrics across channels were also impressive. In addition, based on social listening data, the campaign achieved a 0.99 sentiment score, which is close to the maximum possible score. It is safe to say that the "How to Get Garment Jobs in Your Area?" campaign had a significant positive effect on social communities.

In comparison to the desired KPI, the campaign had a positive effect on the business. In just one and a half months, the number of people intending to find jobs in the garment category on Viec Lam Tot increased by 24%, while the number of people applying for garment jobs increased by 27%.

The campaign has gone above and beyond to provide thousands of garment workers with formal employment close to their homes, making a significant impression on the worker community.


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